Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cursed Vegas

I've always had a love hate relationship with the city of Las Vegas.  My first trip there was AMAZING!  I had a wonderful experience - luxury car, amazing suite, great food, just overall fun. That was my love experience, the one that with every subsequent trip I've made out there, I hope to recreate.  Unfortunately, with every trip it's only gotten worse.

My next trip out, I was 20 weeks pregnant and still suffering from nightmarish morning sickness, so there was absolutely no fun in that trip WHAT.SO.EVER.  The next trip, a year later and this past January, I felt horrible before leaving.  Call it a combination of missing my baby and a general worrisome feeling about my job, whatever it was, I was miserable and that trip wasn't a ton of fun either.

However, this last trip takes the cake! And has further convinced me that Las Vegas is simply not a town for me.  Let's start at the beginning.  This was my first trip with my new company, and I would be working with our CEO, so it was an important trip.  Unfortunately, my husband was out of town on a business meeting, so the prepping for, and leaving this time, was not at all normal.  Tuesday afternoon I found myself feeling very odd, not quite right, but assumed that it was just being tired from a late night at the office and poor sleep the previous night.  But at 3 PM, my phone was ringing BLOWING up with the message that my little boy was very sick and I needed to pick him up immediately.  Mommy mode kicked in immediately, so 5 hours later, after a trip to the doctor and a run to my mother's house to drop off the little guy, I realized I really wasn't feeling so hot either.

The next morning I woke up (at 4 AM - ugh!) feeling even worse, but knew I had to pull it together and get on the plane.  It wasn't until I got into my room that I knew I was sick.  I was in town for an event that was being held outside.  June + Desert + Outside = NO FUN  Not to mention it was 106 outside, the hottest of the season I was told - so I was in for it.  10 minutes out there and I wanted to die, and I still had 3 hours and 50 minutes to go.  Those minutes ticked by slower that I could have imagined.  I hung in there though.  But by 6 PM that evening, I couldn't get to my room quick enough.  No exciting nightlife, no great dinner, I was asleep by 7:00 PM.

Thursday morning, a mere 17 hours after I had arrived, as I was leaving at 4:00 AM, many people were still out partying, and I was simplying trying not to puke or passout.  I made it so far as the security line before I collasped, literally, right there in the TSA security line.  Thankfully a very sweet TSA agent was able to assist me and I was pushed through the airport in a wheelchair - to sick to even care.  I made it home without any further embarressments, but am convince Vegas is not my town. 

So my love hate relationship continues....I watch television shows and think "wow - what a fun town" but then quickly remember my experiences and shake it off. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Who Am I? - My Pillow Case

So yes, I'm 26 {almost 27} and I fully cop to the fact that I love make that L.O.V.E. my pillow case.  This love affair started when I was young and had this one set of sheets that stayed cool ALL.NIGHT.LONG.  And I am someone that has to be cool when I sleep.  Seriously - my husband will be freezing (and he's always hot, so that's saying something) and I'll be kicking off the blankets because I can not sleep when I'm warm.

So...when I was packing for college I realized that my precious sheet set would not be making the trip to college and I had to find a replacement for my pillow - how else am I going to sleep?!  So one afternoon I walked through the fabric store like a 5 year old - literally touching every fabric I could.  I walked away with 2 pieces of fabric and my wonderful grandmother stitched 2 pillow cases for me.

Once at school it took me all of 2 weeks to determine that the 1 of the fabrics just wasn't going to cut it.  What happened to that case, I couldn't tell ya.  But other - almost 9 years later is slept on daily and I can not sleep without it.  I'd post a picture, but seriously, admitting it and showing it, 2 totally different things!  It started out as white - crisp white - and has now slowly morped into a weird beige/grey.

My pillow case has seen me through break-ups, drunken nights, marriage, pregnancy, strange cities, foreign name it!  And yes as I travel everywhere with it.  My job has taken me all over North America, and I made the mistake once of not taking my pillow - BIG mistake - didn't sleep and vowed never to make that decision again.  So ever since, it's with me!  Always!  Yeah - it's weird - you can think it! ;-)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Who Am I?

I love reading these posts - where the blogger talks about some little known facts about themself - so here I go!  I meant to post this yesterday, since I've been slacking on my Tuesday Tens - but see the last item and that pretty much sums it up!  I'll keep it brief tonight, but I'll explain each of these in upcoming posts!

- I am a natural red head - but my hair is 2 different colors depending on which side you see me from - and it's natural too.

- I love LOVE shoes!  I have over 250 pairs, but I only wear maybe 10 pairs on a regular basis.

- I have had the same pillow case for almost 10 years now.  I love my pillow case because it's the right kind of fabric that stays cool all night long. I have searched for years to find the same fabric so I can make another pillow case and increase my count to 2!

- I travel EVERYWHERE with my pillow and said pillow case!  I have yet to go on any trip - business trips included - where I did not take my pillow.

- Until a few weeks ago, my son had never had jarred baby food.  I have made everything, but had to mix in some of the jar meat.

- I love multiples - of what you might ask?  Pretty much anything.  And yes I fully admit it boarders on hoarding.

- I never thought I'd actually have kids.

- I don't sweat - at least not the way "normal" people do. (That's probably TMI)

- I could eat pizza everyday - easily!

- I haven't missed a single days worth of vitamins since I switched to gummy ones - and that's saying something!

- I have a horrible short term memory but an awesome long term one.

- After years of searching, I've finally found a book club that I love.