Thursday, January 21, 2010

22 Weeks!

One of my New Year Resolutions was to be a better blogger, which I haven't really succeed at thus far.  To be fair, work has been crazy, so I find that after looking at a computer screen for 8-10 hours a day, coming and spending time trying to write something just doesn't work.  That said - here's the 22 week update, with my first "bump" picture!

I'm very excited that there's finally a bump to show! 

Week: 22
Weight Gain: I've gained about 6 pounds from my lowest point.
Sleep: Right now, it's pretty good.  Unfortunately I've been dealing with lots of sinus issues, so I'm getting help in the sleep department from my friend Benadryl.  I'm still able to sleep on my stomach with no problem, although I think that's coming to an end soon. 
Feeling: Pretty Good.  Right now I'm most excited about the impending arrival of our nephew Crews.  Sara Jo is at 33 weeks and we're all excited for the little man to arrive.  Once he's here, I think everything will really start to set in that we're next!

Here's Sara Jo and I this past Sunday at bowling party!

Health: Thankfully - good.  Minus the sinus stuff.  I've been feeling great and eating everything, which is a vast improvement for me from the first trimester.
Energy: I'm hitting my stride I think.  I have a lot of energy during the day.  Sometimes I find I'm moving a little too fast and need to take a breather and slow down.  It's been good for getting things done around our house and at work.
Movement: Lots!  What a unique feeling have a baby move around inside you!  It's a feeling that I just can't quite describe.  Baby M is really active in the afternoon and evening.
Cravings: Chocolate - all the time!  I really love Chocolate Dounuts!  I'm also really craving Pizza and pasta. 

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