Tuesday, February 15, 2011

9 Months Old

Happy 9 Month Old Day Baby Boy!

Today you are 9 months old.  The time has passed at a rate that I couldn't even imagine.  You are such a joy on our lives and the lives of everyone you interact with.  You have such beautiful eye and a colorful personality to match.  Your giggles and laugher are infectious!  And you love seeing your puppy dogs and squeal with delight when they play with you.

You crawl around like a flash of light and are into everything!  You've also master the art of couch surfing.  It really is only a matter of days before you attempt that first step.  You enjoy each and every food you're given with the exception of yogurt.  You love veggies and enjoy your fruit, but really don't love the sweets - which is a great thing from mommy's view point.

You're enjoying playing with all your toys, especially the tool bench and basketball goal.  You also LOVE your blankie and Pooh Bear and curl up with them each and every night.  You've even figured out how to turn on your mobile when the music cuts off. 

Each morning, after your morning bottle, you watch Mickey's Mouse Club House while Mom and Dad get ready.  You love daycare and are always excited to play.  Each night you enjoy dinner at 6 and a bottle at 7 and usually go to bed between 8-9.

You truly are a joy in our lives and your daddy and I love you more everyday!

We love you!
Mom and Dad

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