Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Post Holidays

Wow.  Is it really already January 4th?  I mean seriously?  How did we get here?  It was just yesterday that we were prepping for Halloween, and some how we've flown past 2 major holidays in a blur.  Time really does fly once kids arrive. 

This was when Michael could barely sit up on his own and hated eating anything but his bottle.

So what have we been up to?
Looking back I'm not sure where November went.  Michael had his 6 month check-up weighing in at a back breaking 19 lb 15 oz.  We also had our first major scare when Michael face planted at daycare and ended up with a gash on his upper lip.  Scary moment for sure but the tough little guy was back to playing before I even arrived.  Thanksgiving marked the beginning of what would be a month long of fighting sickness.  Within the first 5 days of December all of us had been to doctor and been on too many medicines to count!  We also established that Michael was going to have to have tubes put in.  So on Dec 23 we went in, and so far, so good.  Michael was a trooper and really only cried post surgery for a few minutes.  Like most men, once he had his food (or in his case, a bottle) he was a happy camper.

This was AFTER our awesome trip to Florida.  It was a trip full of first.  Michael's first plane ride.  Our first family vacation.  Michael's first trip to Disney World.  Mine and Chris' first trip to HARRY POTTER WORLD!  It was an amazing trip.  And I took about 1,000 pictures, so the memories will live on forever.  Case in point:

Christmas also showed up along the way. We enjoyed experiencing it all with Michael for the first time.  He loved Santa Claus, the Christmas tree, and of course the presents.  Opening them wasn't really his thing, but playing with the paper was. 

Looking back, it so hard to believe where we are now.  What a wonderful, blessed year we've have.  

So what do we have planned for 2011?
That is a great question.  Right now it's a big unknown.  Michael is growing like a weed.  At almost 8 months (I think my heart just skipped a beat) what we have ahead is both exciting and unbelievable frightening.  Figuring out how to balance life with a growing baby child is something we are working on daily.  We've also been mulling over some big decisions, and deciding the best course to take.  We continue to pray for guidance and know that whatever is ahead of us is meant to be.  Adding to the craziness, I've decided to start my own photography business. Am I insane? - it's totally possible.  But I've discovered a passion so I'm going with it and we'll see where it takes me. 
One thing is for sure, we're taking things one day at a time and enjoying every moment of it!

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