Friday, August 20, 2010

3 Word Fridays

Baby Free Weekend!

One of my favorite mommy bloggers - Jenni ( has done this every Friday for as long as I've been following her, and since I'm making a really big effort to ACTUALLY keep up with this blog I thought I'd borrow her idea.  

So that's right!  Momma and Daddy getting a weekend to ourselves!  My mom has been dying to spend some time with the bug, which is perfect timing, because boy do I need a break - Chris does too.  For the last 3 weeks all 3 of us have been battling one sickness after another.  It started with a stomach bug that then went into a gross cold and pink eye.  Chris and Michael are both getting over the lastest round, but now I'm starting to feel the cold sneak in.  So beginning today we've got a baby free weekend.  I wish there were some exciting plans waiting for us, but sadly it looks like a weekend of cleaning the house, laundry, and lots of sleep.  Sounds perfect to me!


Mrs Gloves said...

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for linking up!

jenni said...

Aww, sounds fun!! I wish I had a weekend to just catch up on things... especially with leaving for vacation is a week (eeekkk!)

Thanks for playing!

Jess said...

Hi! I played Jenni's Y3W today, too.
Sounds like a much needed weekend! Enjoy it!

Becki said...

I joined the Y3W today too. Enjoy your weekend!

Jenn said...

I'm playing y3w too, and last night was our first night without our little one. It is nice to spend some time alone. Enjoy it!