Sunday, August 29, 2010

Little Turtle

All mom's worry - that just comes with the job.  However, since our 2 month check up where we got a little tisk tisk from the doctor, I've been worried about Michael and his development.  I know all babies hit milestons at different times, but tummy time has been a particularly difficult task, mainly because he REFUSED to participate.  Screaming and tears always ensued whenever we attempted it, and you can only listen to your baby cry for so long.  But we've been trying, even Daycare has been trying.  And it all seemed for not, until this weekend.  Out of the blue, Michael was holding up his head and upper body like a little turtle.  He even was laughing and smiling for minutes at a time.  And when it couldn't get any better - he rolled over, twice.  Yeah I'm a proud Mother!  And now we're all tucked!

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