Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trying Something New

Have you ever saw something that you though "That sounds good - I should try it" but never do?  Sadly I have this happen a lot, for reasons unknown to me.  I love trying new foods, but I think my practical side holds me back from spending money, especially with a little one.  So everytime I see their catchy commercials I can't stop myself from thinking - "I want those" but for some reason whenever I get to the cheese case nothing looks appealing.  Proof that marketing does work but maybe not as good as they hope.  Well that was until last week.  Once again that catchy theme song caught my attention {you the one - "whatever you do don't stop"} but this time it was different - they introduced new flavors - and one caught my eye!  Mozzarella, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil - something I couldn't deny I wouldn't like - scratch that, LOVE.  Alas, Laughing Cow, you've got my attention! 

So I did it. I branched out and snapped up one of those cute little circles with those even cuter little wedges inside.  And now....I LOVE THEM!  Seriously - it's that good.  And those little wedges are only 35 calories, which is good because I've already put down 3 - my first little circle isn't going to last long at this pace.  I can't believe I fought the urge for so long.  Watch out Kroger, I'm cleaning out your cheese case on my next trip. 

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