Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Wow, even long weekends never seem to have enough time. Every week, when everything is getting to me and I'm exhausted, I always plan for a relaxing weekend. Unfortunately, that doesn't always {maybe never} actually happen, and this past long weekend was no exception.

We started our weekend Friday night with a lovely dinner and wine tasting with our neighbors at our house. Not only are we lucky enough to have great neighbors, one happens to be furthering his education in wine, and we get the benefit. If you're fan of wine - I highly recommend his blog Everdayday Wine Choices. Unfortunately as our evening progress, our little guy began getting fussy, so we had to cut the evening short in favor of rocking a baby - who at the time I thought was just over stimulated.

Turns out - not the case! Saturday morning, bright and early, he woke up with a 100.7ยบ temperature. So after 40 minutes on the phone trying to get an appointment, we trekked to the doctor. 2 hours later, I was told to treat the fever and go to Urgent Treatment if he got worse. {Yesterday we made another trip to the doctor to confirm it was an ear infection – the 4th in just 2 months, JOY!} We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the first batch of chili and some college football! GO CATS!

Sunday, we made the trip to my mom’s house for a family cookout. It was a great visit but incredibly tiring. I swear, taking a just shy of 4-month-old anywhere for any period of time, is like packing the whole house and then some. Of course, Michael enjoyed seeing his Mimi and slept just fine, but mom and dad were sure ready for bed after the day.

Finally, Monday came around and we had Chris’ family down for lunch and visiting. It was great to see everyone, especially the Foley clan, since in just a few weeks they are moving to Florida. This was also the first time that Michael really noticed his cousin Crews who’s 10 weeks older. They had a blast playing together.

Hey! You look interesting!
Let's Wrestle!
Sucessfull Weekend - Check!
Ready for the next weekend {hopefully a relaxing one} – Double Check!

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